A tribute
to the Island

Handmade unique pieces
with love for detail

Calfskin with decorative stitching

Inside mobile phone pocket

Adjustable carrying handle

Removable pouch

Handmade in three different sizes


Sweet Coffee / Beach / Daylight

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Mallorca KM.0


Locale support on Mallorca

What does KM.0 Mallorca mean? Nowadays, cheap and mass products come from all over the world. It is especially important to us that the bags are produced on Mallorca. We work exclusively with local manufacturers in order to support and preserve the handicraft on Mallorca. In this way, we give back a little authenticity and respect to the island.


The Designer - Sina Hoffmann

The eye-catcher made of high-quality palm basket exudes true joie de vivre with colourful and exquisite leather elements!

Designer Sina Hoffmann felt the longing for exactly this feeling when her world came to a standstill in 2020 and she found her inspiration in it. Without further ado, she created the LOVE BAG for our label ÜBERNACHT - a basket bag with a very pure design refined with the finest leather. Other accessories were designed to go with the bag to emphasise the recognition value of ÜBERNACHT. She loves to choose the leather for her designs personally. As a successful interior designer she travelled the world, visited the best fabric manufacturers, fairs, markets and let the delicacy and quality of the goods take effect on her. The variety of colours, exclusivity and her special connection to Mallorca quickly made the LOVE BAG her heart's project. Each LOVE BAG and every accessory is absolutely unique with a lot of attention to detail. The products are made exclusively on Mallorca, Sina Hoffmann's second home, handpicked and lovingly handcrafted by small, fine family businesses.

Supporting the small businesses on the island - a true love affair! That's why the product of ÜBERNACHT are KM.0, handmade in Mallorca is also a tribute to the island and also allows us to give something back to the island.

Gracias Mallorca!

„The bags and accessories stand for everything that counts:
Live, Laugh, Love“

Sina Hoffmann Übernacht